Minnesota State Advancement Division

The Advancement Division is charged with increasing awareness and understanding of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) through public relations, marketing, development and government relations.

Public Relations and Marketing
We lead MnSCU public relations, communications, and marketing efforts as well as support the efforts of individual MnSCU colleges and universities.

We support the development, alumni relations and fundraising efforts of MnSCU colleges and universities. Through collaboration, professional development, and coordination of shared services, we seek to increase the understanding of and philanthropic support for all of the foundations affiliated with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

Government Relations
We are actively involved in government relations activities that influence policies and practices of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

We value open, honest, timely, two-way communication based on mutual respect and trust. We believe that the more people know about Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, the more likely they are to enroll at and support the work done on our campuses.